Anime Character Drawing: From Sketch to Final Artwork

Anime Character Drawing

This manual presents a step-by-step method for studying the artwork of anime character drawing. From sketching simple shapes to including information and inking, you’ll analyze the crucial strategies to carry your particular characters to life. With beneficial hints and resources, this manual is your final associate to your anime character drawing journey!

Anime Character Drawing

How to Anime Character Drawing

Welcome to the super global of anime character drawing! Anime characters are acknowledged for his or her expressive eyes, colorful hairstyles, and dynamic poses. Whether you’re an amateur or seeking to refine your skills, this manual will stroll you through the vital steps of making your anime characters.

Before we dive in, let’s gather some essential supplies:

  • Drawing pencils (HB, 2B, 4B) for sketching
  • Eraser
  • Sharpener
  • Drawing paper
  • Optional: Fineliners or pens for inking, colored pencils, markers, or digital drawing tools

Now that you’re all set, let’s unleash your creativity! Here’s a breakdown of the anime character drawing process:

  1. Concept and Reference:  Anime characters, with precise personalities and appearances, are available in all sizes and styles. Before you begin sketching, take the time to brainstorm your person’s design. What form of persona do they have? What function might they play in a story? Look at present anime characters for inspiration; however, be ambitious and upload your innovative twist! You also can locate reference pix of human beings or gadgets that will help you draw precise functions.
  2. Sketching the Basic Shapes: Lightly cartoon the fundamental shapes on the way to shape the muse of your person’s pose. This usually begins off evolved with geometric shapes for the pinnacle and torso, with traces for the limbs. Don’t fear approximately making the best circles or squares at this stage – the focal point is on shooting the general posture and proportions.
  3. Refining the Face: The face is essential in conveying your person’s persona and feelings in anime character drawing. Anime faces regularly have large, expressive eyes, a small nose, and a sensitive mouth. This fashion has many variations, so feel free to test and locate what works for you. Here are a few matters to keep in mind:
    • Eyes are often the focal point of an anime character’s face. Play around with different eye shapes and sizes to create various expressions.
    • Nose and Mouth: These features are typically more subtle than the eyes.
  4. Hairstyles: Anime hairstyles are another fun aspect of character design. They can be elaborate and spiky, long and flowing, or short and cute. Use the hairstyle to add personality and style to your character.

This is simply the start of your anime character drawing journey! We’ll explore adding the body, details, and inking in the following sections.

Now that we’ve covered the fundamental steps involved in anime character drawing (anime character drawing), let’s put theory into practice! We’ll create a sample character, a cheerful and energetic schoolgirl named Hikari.

Step 1: Choose to Draw Anime Character Design

Concept and Personality: Hikari is a bright, bubbly high school student passionate about volleyball. She’s friendly, optimistic, and always has a smile on her face.

Reference: To capture Hikari’s energetic personality, we can look at reference images of girls in volleyball uniforms striking dynamic poses. We can also find reference photos of her facial features, such as bright, determined eyes and a wide, cheerful smile.

Choose to Draw Anime Character Design

Step 2: Create the Basic Structure of the Face

Lightly sketch a circle: This will form the base of Hikari’s head.

Add two intersecting lines: Draw a vertical line down the center of the circle and a horizontal line slightly below the middle to represent the position of her eyes.

Tip: You don’t need to make perfect circles. Use light pencil strokes that can be easily erased for adjustments.

Facial Guidelines: Draw two short diagonal lines coming down from the ends of the horizontal line. These will guide the bottom corners of Hikari’s eyes.

Create the Basic Structure of the Face

Step 3: Add Facial Features


  1. Shape: Since Hikari is energetic, let’s give her large, expressive eyes. Draw two large ovals slightly angled upwards at the outer corners on top of the horizontal line and diagonal guides.
  2. Irises and pupils: Within each oval, draw a smaller circle for the iris. Leave a small white circle for the pupils in the center of each iris.

Tip: The placement of the pupils can affect the character’s expression. Place them slightly off-center can add a touch of dynamism.

Eyelashes: Anime characters often have thick, dramatic eyelashes. Draw a few curved lines along the upper eyelid for Hikari’s eyelashes.

Nose and Mouth:

  1. Nose: Keep Hikari’s nose small and simple for a youthful look. Draw a tiny triangle just below the horizontal line, slightly off-center towards the right.
  2. Mouth: Since Hikari is smiling, draw a curved line with the ends pointing upwards for her mouth. You can add a small line below the mouth for her chin.

Tip: The size and shape of the mouth can greatly affect the character’s expression. Here, the upward curve conveys Hikari’s cheerful personality.

Step 4: Draw the Hair

  1. Base Shape: Hikari’s hair will be short and sporty to reflect her active lifestyle. Draw a curved line above the head circle to define the hairline.
  2. Hairstyle: Inspired by volleyball players, let’s give Hikari short, spiky hair with some loose strands framing her face. Sketch out the general shape of the hair, keeping it messy and textured.

Tip: Feel free to experiment with different hairstyles to find one that suits your character.

Draw the Hair

Step 5: Add the Body

  1. Body Proportions: In anime character drawing, the body proportions of young characters are often stylized. The head can be quite large compared to the body, creating a more youthful and cute appearance.
  2. Torso: Draw a simple oval shape below the head for Hikari’s torso.
  3. Pose: Since Hikari is a volleyball player, let’s draw her in a dynamic pose. Sketch out a line extending downwards from the torso for her spine, and then add angled lines for her arms and legs bent at the knees, as if she’s about to jump for a spike.
  4. Clothing: Hikari will be wearing a classic high school volleyball uniform. Draw a simple collar and short sleeves for the top, and a skirt that flares slightly at the bottom.

Tip: You can use reference images of real volleyball uniforms for a more accurate depiction.

Add the Body

Step 6: Add Details and Ink the Drawing

  1. Refine the Sketch: Once you’re happy with the basic layout, go over your pencil sketch with a darker pencil to refine the lines. Pay attention to details like the folds in her clothes and the texture of her hair.
  2. Erasing: Use your eraser to remove any unwanted light pencil marks carefully.
  3. Inking (Optional): For a clean and finished look, you can ink your drawing using fineliners or pens.

Tip: Use different pen weights to create variation in line thickness.

Add Details and Ink the Drawing

Tips for Drawing Anime Characters

As you embark on your anime character drawing journey, here are some helpful tips to elevate your skills:

Practice Makes Perfect: 

Immerse yourself in the world of anime! Watch your favorite shows and movies, paying close attention to how characters are designed and animated. 

Notice the recurring features, proportions, and expressions used in anime. There are also many resources available online, like tutorials and character design galleries, that can provide valuable insights.

Study the Style: 

Immerse yourself in the world of anime! Watch your favorite shows and movies, paying close attention to how characters are designed and animated. 

Notice the recurring features, proportions, and expressions used in anime. There are also many resources available online, like tutorials and character design galleries, that can provide valuable insights.

Reference is Your Friend: 

Feel free to use reference photos and images to guide your drawings. Websites like Anime SVG offer a vast collection of anime-related SVG files (Scalable Vector Graphics) that can inspire poses, clothing styles, and hairstyles. 

Break it Down: 

When tackling a complicated individual design, ruin it down into smaller, extra viable steps. Start via means of focusing at the primary shapes for the top and body, then circulate directly to the facial features, hair, and clothing. This step-via way of means of step method will let you reap higher accuracy and control.

Embrace Experimentation: 

Don’t be afraid to experiment and find your own artistic voice in anime character drawing. While certain stylistic elements are common to anime, there’s also plenty of room for creativity. Try different character designs, expressions, and poses to develop your own unique style.

Learn from the Masters: 

Many gifted anime artists proportion their talents and strategies online through tutorials, courses, and social media. Watch their videos, take a look at their work, and research from their expertise. This may be a super manner to boost up your getting to know curve in anime character drawing.

Most Importantly, Have Fun! 

Anime is a colorful and expressive artwork form. Embrace the pleasure of introduction and experience the manner of bringing your characters to life. 

Don’t get discouraged by means of mistakes – view them as getting to know opportunities. The extra you draw, the extra cushty and assured you will emerge as on your anime character drawing skills.