Top 10 SVG Editor for Windows

Top 10 SVG Editor for Windows

If you’re a designer in search of robust vector image software for creating or editing Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), you’re in luck. Numerous options are at your disposal, including various SVG editors tailored for Windows, allowing you to edit and export SVG images directly on your PC. Here are the top 10 recommendations for SVG editing tools on Windows.

Importance of SVG

SVG is a substantial image format (scalable vector graphics) or binary file format that uses an XML markup language to display vector and graphical data. It makes it a popular tool for designing web and app graphics. It has been used in many types of devices and platforms and independent users using open-source software.


Thus, you may need an editor for make SVG edit on your Windows compurter, keep reading.

Top 10 SVG Editor on Windows

1. SVG-Edit

“SVG-Edit” is a JavaScript-based, Open-Source SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) software editor. It allows you to edit your vector graphics directly in the browser and will also save them back to your server (or local storage). The editor is written in JavaScript/jQuery and runs in the browser without any plugins.


2. Vecteezy

Vecteezy Editor is a fully-fledged SVG editing tool on Windows which lets you create stunning and professional vector graphics. You can easily crop your images, draw straight and curved lines, add new shapes to your image, or change transparency. Apply hundreds of different effects to your image, and then save your work in SVG or PNG format.


3. Boxy SVG

Boxy SVG Editor is an online SVG tool that allows you to create, edit and render Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) images in a browser with a similar toolset as Illustrator. With Boxy SVG editor, working on your SVG files as usual or editing the code directly is possible. The tool also allows you to convert your existing SVGs to vectors. You can also called it an SVG editor for Windows, as you can use the online tool on any systems.


4. Gravit Designer

Gravit Designer editor is a versatile SVG editor for Windows that has spellbindingly featured website design elements and imported the websites in different formats. The designer can be downloaded as a Plug-in for MS Windows and other OS.


Gravit Designer editor is a simple yet powerful online page formatting tool that enables the user to build marvelous things from scratch easily and helps in transforming their ideas into professional-looking websites! It can fulfill all your online designing needs, whether you are an individual with a great idea for a blog or a simple home page of yours, or someone who wants to showcase their business professionally.

5. Vectr

Vectr editor is a free web-based collaborative vector graphics editor for both web & desktop. Vectruses “merge” technology to combine the interactivity of web apps with the power of desktop software. In case you didn’t know, this free SVG creator for Windows is powered by the cloudand allows you to share your creations instantly. Collaborate on Vectr documents via a built-in real-time collaboration feature or by sharing a link.


6. Method Draw

Method Draw editor is a powerful drawing tool allowing business users to create high-end process diagrams, workflow charts, and BPMN diagrams. It is a web-based editor for creating graphs and using diagramming methods.


7. Vecta

Vecta editor is an HTML 5 and web design-based tool for creating vector graphics. The best part of the game is you can share your creations through a unique link in order to spread your work. It comes with an awesome collection of more than 1500+ vector art tools and includes the settings option, which is useful to customize the pictures according to your taste.


8. Janvas

Janvas SVG editor is the easiest way to make SVG images for HTML5, CSS, and Inkscape. Janvas SVG editor recreates the editing experience offered by Inkscape software. It aims to make iteasier and faster for beginners by eliminating the cross-browser incompatibility issues while working on HTML5 images.


9. Draw SVG

Draw SVG is an online SVG editor that lets you draw SVGs directly in the browser. Using it as a SVG editor for Windows tool has its downsides, but if you need to embed some vector graphics in your website or application, you may find this tool useful.


10. Plain Pattern

The Plain Pattern SVG Editor for Windows was created to help tech-savvy people create vector graphics for use on their websites. Whether you’re a graphic designer, Illustrator, or web designer – you can make silky smooth patterns to use in your projects and for your own personal use.


Conclusion for Choosing the Best SVG Editor for Windows

SVG is inherently an image file that can be scaled up or down without losing its quality. You can even print an SVG file without any loss in quality. Not all images can be printed, though, as they will cause the printer head to move through and over the particular picture, which will leave it torn and wrinkled.

The best SVG editor windows is that one, which gives you maximum performance. To create and edit an SVG file should not take minutes for your files to open and display all the necessary data.